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Generating “Value” for Companies
His Way at Work conference will help business leaders transform their workplace

His Way at Work Summit 2014

Business leaders, if you want to escape the cold weather, and get some practical advice to help “transform your work environment based upon Judeo-Christian values,” consider attending the latest His Way at Work summit.

Entitled “Company, Family and Society: How to lead your company, inspired to love God and love your neighbors,” the event is set for March 21-22, 2012 at the Hotel Casa Santa Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala.

His Way at Work is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide companies in bringing “God glorifying values” to the forefront of doing business.

The event brochure (click here) states the latest summit will help you bring “eternal value to you and your employees” and “discover a new way to work according to God’s particular design for your business and your life.”

Event speakers include Peter Freissle, president of Polydeck Corporation and cofounder and chairman of His Way at Work; Alfonso Gonzalez, Chairman of the Board of Qualfon and His Way at Work board member; Joey Reiman, CEO and founder of BrightHouse; Hector Cervino, Human Matters Director for Gentera Group; Fr. Peter Devereux LC, Chaplain for His Way at Work, and more.

For information about the event and how to register, contact Armando Del Bosque at or call (512) 965-8016.

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