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Regnum Christi in the Ivory Coast
Seminarian Nicaise Abedji promotes the movement while studying for the priesthood

Nicaise Abedji
Nicaise Abedji was admitted to the seminary on December 3, 2013 as a member of Regnum Christi.

Nicaise Abedji, is a diocesan seminarian for the Archdiocese of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and a Regnum Christi member. 

He volunteered for his university chaplain, Father Jean-Pierre Kutwa, while he worked on his Masters in psychology.  Fr. Kutwa would tell Nicaise that he hoped that someday he would become a priest.  Today Father Kutwa is Cardinal Kutwa, the Archbishop of Abidjan

Nicaise started his own consultation business, but soon left it behind to follow the call to the priesthood he had been feeling since his childhood.  Archbishop Kutwa asked Regnum Christi to accompany Nicaise in his vocational discernment.

For several years Nicaise ran the RC Mission Center in Abidjan. Now, after his period of discernment, Archbishop accepted him as a diocesan seminarian while Nicaise remains an active Regnum Christi member.  Among other tasks he has been entrusted with promoting the Movement. Hopefully, with the help of shepherds like Nicaise, Regnum Christi will be
Nicaise with other seminarians.
Nicaise with other seminarians.
able to better evangelize African culture and better serve the Church there.

Nearly 35 seminarians are studying in the Paul VI Seminary. They go to philosophy and theology classes at the Catholic University of West Africa (UCAO).
Regnum Christi began in Ivory Coast in 2007 when a senior official met a French Legionary of Christ in Mexico. Though adversely affected by a political crisis that rocked Ivory Coast in 2011, Regnum Christi continues to live out its mission in Ivory Coast with ever greater confidence, seeking to better find their role and how to support the Archdiocese of Abidjan.

The Movement is now present in the parish of St. Cecilia (Cocody).  Regnum Christi members there are part of the territory of Western and Central Europe. They meet every Monday for formation activities and every Thursday they organize Eucharistic hours in their
Nicaise with the parish choir.
Nicaise with the parish choir.
parish.  On Wednesdays they hold a prayer group devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  (Apparently the image first arrived to the Ivory Coast thanks to a group of young people on mission from Mexico in 2008.)



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