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The Tomb and the Pearl
The RC Spirituality Center releases a Retreat Guide for Easter

The empty tomb

The latest offering from is designed to help participants fully experience Easter.

Lucy Honner, Director of the RC Spirituality, said The Tomb and the Pearl is designed to make the “glorious Easter Mystery” have a “fresh impact on your life.”

“This final stretch of Lent challenges us to persevere in our good resolutions with renewed fervor and enthusiasm,” she said. “We must also find a way to practice deep recollection and interior silence, if we are to comprehend what Christ undertook to win for us true freedom.”

She points out the words of Pope Francis regarding preparing our hearts for this great feast:

“We need not be afraid! Let us open ourselves to the light of the Lord, he awaits us always in order to enable us to see better, to give us more light, to forgive us…Let us entrust this Lenten journey to the Virgin Mary, so that we too, like the blind man who was healed, by the grace of Christ, may ‘come to the light,’ go forward towards the light, and be reborn to new life.”

The new Retreat Guide will be available on Holy Saturday, April 19, 2014.  The first meditation will present the transforming experience of St. Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb on that first Easter Sunday.  The second meditation shows how to seek personal transformation through the parable of “The Pearl of Great Price.”  The conference section will review the “Four Last Things,” death, judgment, heaven, and hell, and address false ideas prevalent in secular culture that distort our vision of the afterlife and, consequently, life in the present age.

“Please know that the RC Spirituality Center team holds you close in our prayers,” said Lucy.

She encourages everyone to share the Retreat Guides with friends. “Please don’t keep this resource to yourself! We hope to draw as many souls as possible closer to Christ!”



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