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North American Councilors Named
Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil LC announces the new Legion of Christ councilors for North America

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Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil LC, the general director for the Legion of Christ, has announced the four priests named to the territorial council for North America.

They are Fr. Kevin Meehan LC, Fr. Matthew Van Smoorenburg LC, Fr. Charles Sikorsky LC and Fr. Shawn Aaron LC.  These four priests will assist Fr. John Connor LC, territorial director for North America.

Fr. Robles Gil took the opportunity to thank Fr. John Hopkins LC, Fr. Andre LaSana LC and Fr. Guillermo Serra LC for the work they have done as members of the territorial council.

Fr. Shawn Aaron and Fr. Matthew Von Smoorenburg
Fr. Shawn Aaron LC and Fr. Matthew Von Smoorenburg LC
to Canon 627 of the Code of Canon Law, each superior is supported by a council which assists him in governing the territory, primarily by giving advice, or where law requires it, their consent on the decisions the superior needs to make. These individuals may also carry out specific duties
Fr. Kevin Meehan and Fr. Charles Sikorsky
Fr. Kevin Meehan LC and Fr. Charles Sikorsky LC
or be delegated certain authority in specific matters. 



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