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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Sense of Wonder!
Sharing the experience of certification in RC Spiritual Direction

RC consecrated participating in Spiritual Direction certification
Regnum Christi consecrated women who recently participated in a spiritual direction certification course through the RC Spirituality Center.

Following is a testimony from Regnum Christi consecrated woman Jill Preisack about her experience with a group of her RC consecrated sisters participating in the RC Spiritual Direction Certification program.

Courses are currently offered through the Our Lady of Bethesda retreat center in Maryland. The certification program consists of five intensive modules involving several sessions each.

“It is our hope to make the course more available with an online component, as well as offering the in-person courses more frequently and in more locations,” said Lucy Honner, director of the RC Spirituality Center. “But right now the whole course takes a few years to complete.”

Click here to read more about the future plans for the SD training program and the efforts to make it more accessible for our movement members and the Church at large.

by Jill Preisack

This is what was resonating in my heart after a course on Spiritual Direction given this past week for 34 consecrated women at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center on Virtue and the Life of Grace.  This “sense of wonder” comes from the reality that we are given the opportunity to be instruments to help others become aware of the relationship of divine love, abounding fount of grace and intimate friendship which wants to flood the heart and soul of each person!

The themes of the conferences included: “Amazing Grace: The Wound of Sin; What Love Is; Keys for Understanding Moral Growth; the Gifts of the Spirit; and the Cardinal and Theological Virtues.  The conferences were given by Fr. John Hopkins LC, Steve Grundman Ph.D., and Rebecca Teti. 
Some of the ideas and reflections from the course were:

  • helping people become more aware of being a beloved child of God (Rom 8:14)
  • grace is “power, friendship, presence and dependence upon God”
  • attachments are like “cravings” and reduce our ability to love and be free
  • virtue is the way to a new vision and makes us free to love with our fullest capacity

We also talked about how important it is to make the sacraments more “experiential” in order to make the effect of grace more vivid and tangible and the need to “heal the image of God” in us so as to build a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.

Along with these thought provoking presentations, we had times for small group reflection, sharing during meals, and a few of us had the chance to visit the Shrine of St Pope John Paul II and venerate the relics of the newly canonized saint!

It was a wonderful time of prayer, reflection and renewing our mission to first seek a more intimate union with God in our lives and then be guides for others to be brought to a deeper relationship of love with Him.  What a sense of wonder!

For further information or any questions about the Spiritual Direction Course please contact Lucy Honner at



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