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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Pure Water to Refresh My Soul
A Brazilian woman shares her story of meeting a Legionary priest among the crowd in Rome

Legionaries in Rome
Fr. Brian Coe LC (top left) and other Legionaries in Rome.

The following is a testimony from Louise Colchete from Brazil.  She met one of our Legionary priests, Fr. Brian Coe LC, at the recent canonization events in Rome, and she wanted to share her experience. (English in not her first language, so her grammar has been slightly edited for clarity.)

I had the opportunity to go to the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII and it was all very good. But some problems and tensions during the pilgrimage caused me to lose patience and mutter a little bit…and I asked myself if I needed to confess.

My group and I were waiting for the opening of the gates of St. Peter´s Square. There were many people in the place where we were. I had never seen such a crowd, but a priest who was beside me caught my attention, I don´t know why.

People who needed to get to another location decided to always pass by on our side and it caused us some stress. There was no space, and sometimes I collided with this priest, but he always said calmly that everything was fine. When impatience came, I looked at this priest sitting on edge of the pavement with a very peaceful expression and then I tried to calm myself.

Time passed, and after much despair, my group and I entered the St. Peter´s Square. When I looked around, I saw the same priest almost on our side again. A girl in my group wanted to confess her sins and asked
Louise Colchete
Louise Colchete
the priest if he would hear her confession.

He promptly got up and agreed. I knew I was not totally in the state of grace, but I was a little embarrassed to ask for him to hear my confession because I didn´t wanted to disturb his moment of faith and besides, I don´t speak very good English.

But I took courage and went to him. He agreed to hear my confession and was patient when I did not know some words in English.  Also, he asked me to repeat an act of contrition that was lovely, the most beautiful I´ve ever heard!

I saw that many other people confessed their sins to him.  And that scene was one of the nicest that I could see! When they saw that he was hearing confessions, people became interested in having their sins forgiven (even not knowing the language the priest spoke).  As soon as he became available, another person would come to him. Making a silly comparison, it was as if he was offering a small water fountain in the middle of the scorching desert. Everyone needed this pure water to refresh their souls! This priest was a sign of salvation for many people and was also a source of grace!

With that brief moment, I could see how much people need the presence of the priest, and that the donation of lives to the priesthood is very necessary. One point in particular also caught my attention -- the importance of celibacy, which allows the total surrender of the shepherd to his flock.

After a little time, I found out the name of the priest and discovered, over the Internet, that he is in the Legionaries of Christ. His name is Father Brian Gregory Coe. If it´s possible, I ask charitably to send my thanks and fraternal hugs to him. These moments I had in the presence of this man of God will be eternal!

May Mary, our Mother, bless all those who daily donate their lives to this service, the priesthood!  And may Our Lady increase every day in us the desire
Fr. Brian Coe hears confession
Fr. Brian Coe LC hears confession
for sainthood!

Can count on my prayers!




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