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Retreat Guides on DVD
RC Spirituality Center partners with Catholic Word to offer Retreat Guides in more user-friendly format for small group use

Retreat Guides on DVD

The RC Spirituality Center is offering a more user-friendly version of its Retreat Guides. A DVD package will soon be available for small group use.

“So many small groups have been using our Retreat Guides that we decided to experiment with a more user-friendly form of our do-it-yourself retreats in order to make small group use even easier,” said Spirituality Center Director Lucy Honner.  “We have partnered with Catholic Word to produce a Parish Small Group Retreat Guide DVD package.”

The first package contains two titles: “Unleashing the Power of Pentecost” and “The One Thing Needed.”  The package can be ordered as a DVD two-pack or individually, and includes a full-color booklet and user’s guide.

“We hope this new format for the Retreat Guide will enable us to provide even more support to the Catholics in the pews,” said Lucy. “We are also excited about the possibility that this new product will provide a tool for Catholics who want to reach out to others who are not active in the Church or who may have fallen away from the faith.  This new format should make it easier than ever to bring them the message of Christ’s love!”

Copies of the DVD Retreat Guides are available at the following link from Catholic Word:

“Please check it out, and then let us know what you think,” said Lucy. “It is our desire to make God’s grace flow through the digital continent, and we can’t do that without receiving feedback from the people using it.”



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