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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Behold My Lord
Regnum Christi consecrated candidates publish a book of reflections on the Gospels

The authors of "Behold My Lord"
The authors of "Behold My Lord"

The candidates at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, Rhode Island, have been working on a special project they are now ready to share.

These young women discerning consecration in the Regnum Christi movement have published a book of reflections on the Gospels. Called Behold My Lord, the book is now available for purchase from Amazon. Click here to access the link.

The authors write in their promotion of the book, “It is our sincere hope and prayer that this little book will nourish your own prayerful conversations with the Lord who loves you and wishes to encounter you afresh every day.

“The intention of these reflections is not to present a lofty idea, but a Person who wants to encounter you and ask you: ‘Do you love me?’ (John 21:16). Then you yourself can ask him, ‘What must I do to gain eternal life?’ (Luke 18:18).”

Following are thoughts about the experience of writing these reflections from some of the
Book flyer for "Behold My Lord"

Victoria Backstrom - "The times I spent writing these reflections were definitely moments of prayer."

Julian Frommling - "It was amazing to see how the Holy Spirit used the topics I was writing and reflecting on to help me in my own spiritual life. It was also an amazing experience to touch the Charism and spirituality of the Regnum Christi movement; Christ is someone real for us and we have a real personal relationship with him and I could see that in all the reflections in the book!"

Ashley Osmera -"I think the most beautiful thing I came away with after this project was simply that ‘the Word of God is living and effective.’… The Word speaks for itself. God was showing me how every passage, every line, every word in the Bible, the ‘Book of Life,’ is truly alive and active in each one of our lives…if we only have the openness and courage to let it act and take root in our hearts and lives. I hope you will experience the same wonder and joy as you delve into these beautiful passages and reflections!"
Carol Dodd – “Writing and reading these reflections became a way for me to delve into the Gospels as the living Word of God, as a place where I can encounter Christ in my daily life - Christ as a person... who feels, thinks, speaks, listens, heals, and loves.”

Regina Treviño – “My passion is Christ. I can think of no better way to express my admiration and love for Him who is my all, than to share with words the treasure that I have discovered. I hope that through these reflections, you might be able to have a taste of the joy of knowing God as well!”



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