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Spiritually Mentoring Teenage Boys
Fr. Matthew Schneider LC releases new book to help those ministering to teens

Spiritiually Mentoring Teenage Boys

“Experiencing personal, unconditional, friendly, and demanding accompaniment is essential for the growth of teenagers – in order to bring them to Christ.  Fr. Matthew understands teenagers and what is needed to accompany them well.”

This is a quote from Sonia González, Director of the Center for Studies on Adolescence and Youth at Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, Spain.  She is talking about the new book,
Spiritually Mentoring Teenage Boys, written by Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC.

Fr. Matthew is a coordinator of youth ministry in Regnum Christi and writes for the blog

His book is now available on Amazon.  Click here for the link.  You can also obtain the book direct from the publisher at this link (Fr Matthew is offering 25% off to those who buy it direct from the publisher this week. Just enter the discount code C3U24WS9).

Following are more quotes from those who had a chance to read the book prior to its release:
“What a great book! This book is a very practical tool to help form teenage boys into great men of God! If you are a man and you deal with teenage boys you NEED this book. I highly recommend it!”
Fr. Larry Richards
Author of Be a Man

"Mentoring, or apprenticing is an essential, but forgotten form of learning ‘the do’ of discipleship. Fr. Matthew offers a wonderful primer, packed with relevant information to help the Church rediscover this essential practice."
Frank Mercadante
Executive Director of Cultivation Ministries

“Fr Matthew has always been one of the clearest thinkers I’ve known regarding youth ministry. I am happy to have him on my team. Spiritual Mentoring is an important aspect of the Conquest youth ministry program, but so far it has been very difficult to train men in this unique methodology. Fr Schneider has demonstrated skill in spiritual mentoring and I hope this book can help inspire men to truly lead boys spirituality closer to God.”
Todd Brechbill
Conquest Clubs National Director

“Father Matthew has the ability to tackle important church issues and write about them in a way that is engaging, thoughtful,
Spiritiually Mentoring Teenage Boys
and challenging.  His love for the Catholic faith is evident in his writing as his desire that young people know Christ.”
Clayton Immo
Director of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Vancouver



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