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Celebrating True Freedom
Fr. John Bartunek suggests a spiritual way to enjoy the July 4th holiday

Flag and Steeple

Tomorrow the United States recognizes its birth on the July 4th holiday. In addition to celebrating, Fr. John Bartunek LC suggests we spend some time praying for the new evangelization of our culture.

“Here in the United States, Catholics are fully engaged in the Fortnight for Freedom,” he writes in a letter to supporters of the “This initiative started a couple years ago, when the USA Bishops tried to galvanize the faithful in defense of religious freedom, both through prayer and action. I love the initiative, and I love the name of the initiative. Much of the history of western civilization has been shaped by the exalted vision of the human person that Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead in order to communicate to us. At the core of that vision is the precious gift of spiritual freedom.”

Fr. John said the true freedom of the mature Christian is in the "heart and spirit," and the saints are the ones who developed this freedom to the full, like one of his favorites, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. “They have enjoyed its full fruits, and so it’s no surprise that they have consistently been the greatest influencers of culture.”

Fr. John suggests we re-visit one of the RCSpirituality’s Retreat Guides, Sitting in the Side Pew: A Retreat Guide on St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

“St. Elizabeth Ann was the first native-born citizen of the USA to be canonized, and she has a lot – I mean a lot – to teach
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
us all,” he said. “I recommend in a special way the PDF version of this retreat, which has some nice bonus material (Pope Paul VI’s canonization homily). Take a look at the introduction and invite others to a deeper Christian maturity following St. Elizabeth Ann’s example.”




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