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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Juggling Faith and Family
Entertainer Paul Ponce and his family discuss how they live their Catholic faith

Paul Ponce Juggling
Paul Ponce juggling in one his many performances.

If you watch the video at the following link, you might think you tuned in to a reality series called “Mexico’s got Talent.” (Click the YouTube link:, and select the “cc” for English subtitles.)

Paul Ponce, a dynamic performer and juggler who travels around the world, and his family are featured in an episode of LeCristo TV, discussing what it’s like to live their Catholic faith in a world that often does not support or even recognize Christianity.

“It is very simple,” said Paul. “We try to pray together as a family every night.”

He and his wife Lia discuss how they met each other in this hectic lifestyle, thanks to their involvement in Regnum Christi.

Paul’s profession involves constant travel worldwide. “For six generations my family has been in this business,” he said. “At my children’s age, I was already performing and traveling with my parents.”

“I had been doing this nonstop until I decided to give a year…inside Regnum Christi (RC Mission Corps).  This was the happiest year of my life, and I started seeing everything differently.”

Paul said he realized he was living his life in a selfish way, pretending to find happiness in pleasure.

“After that year, and after encountering Christ and the Church, I came back to the artistic life but with a different mission and target. I am now here to do God’s will.”

He said at that time, he knew God wanted him to start a family. He began dating girls from the world of
Ponce Family
Paul Ponce and his family
entertainment, but said they did not “share the same virtues” as him, and when he would meet girls from his Catholic parish, it didn’t work out because of his travel schedule.

He would tell God, “Since I travel a lot, you will have to help me find the right girl for me.”

And he would soon meet Lia at a “Congress” called “United Youth” in Guadalajara, Mexico.  He had an immediate interest in her, and discovered a kindred spirit.

“I would say, ‘I go to Mass every day.’  She said, ‘Me too!’”

They would soon separate and not meet again until two years later.  Then they started to have serious discussions about a life together.

Lia said email helped a lot.  “For a successful relationship, you need to have good communication. We always have new surprises, but our principal issues, we had them clearly settled and discussed.”

“It is important to understand where you are, what your surroundings are and put God’s way in place,” said Paul “Through those ways, using your own self control, you can be faithful.”

While they were dating, Paul would take her to a chapel that was special to him in Berlin, Germany.  The chapel happened to be in a hospital.  Inside the chapel was a shrine to the Holy Family, to whom the couple would entrust their promise of love.  Later, after they were married (in Montserrat, Spain), and amid their travels, they happened to be again in Berlin for the birth of their first child, Pablo.  They were amazed that the local hospital was the same place where they had made their pledge of love.

Interestingly, all the members of the family, including their three children, were born in a different country: Paul in Argentina; Lia in Brazil; Pablo in Germany; Jose in the Netherlands; and their daughter, Maria in Portugal.

The family continues their commitment to living God’s will in their lives. At the time of this interview, their most recent engagement was Paul’s performance in Mexico during a series of conferences on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  The title of event was “Love, Sex and Juggling.” 

Le Cristo TV interviews Paul Ponce and his family
During a clip from the Le Cristo TV interview, Paul Ponce and his wife accept applause from the audience.
to the Ponce family for their impressive Catholic witness!



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