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Church Building
Family from Houston, Texas, aids local Quintana Roo, Mexico, residents in constructing new house of worship

Missionaires build church near Cancun

Elaine Trevithick and her family from Houston, Texas, recently joined other Regnum Christi missionaries and local residents of Quintana Roo, Mexico, to help build a local church there, to be called the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel.

Quintana Roo is located near Cancun, Mexico.   (Click here to watch the YouTube video of their work in progress.)

Elaine and her husband, Mark, participated in the February “Cana in Cancun” marriage retreat this year with Fr. Simon Devereux LC.

“During that retreat we had Mass at the Guadalupe chapel, and saw they were building a more permanent structure,” said Fr. Simon. “Mark and Elaine were inspired to return with their family to help with the Guadalupe chapel.”

Mark said he was impressed by the wonderful work he witnessed during the marriage retreat at the nearby City of Joy, a project involving several charitable organizations, including Regnum Christi, to aid the needy.

“Helping them build the church was greatly inspired by the marriage retreat,” agreed Elaine.  “If we had not of made that one day trip to City of Joy, and to the (nearby) town, and met the people that were going to the church for Mass, and seeing that they were building the church,
The church building project near Cancun
The church building project
there would have been no inspiration.  It was actually my husband who asked me afterwards, ‘How would you feel about helping them build the church?’  That is all he had to say and I took the ball from there and ran with it.”

Members of the group will be returning in the fall of 2014 to help to put on the Our Lady of Guadalupe church roof.  That stage of the project will cost $6,000 US dollars, and the entire project will cost $30,000 to complete.

Materials are still needed, so anyone who would like to donate can contact Mission Maya (the
Promoting the Mission Trip
Promoting the Mission Trip
group that coordinated the mission trip) and its director Belén Garcia to make a donation at, or contact Elaine at for more information.

Those interested in coming to Quintana Roo as a missionary to help with this project can contact Fr. Simon at



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