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Sharing God’s Love and Mercy
Regnum Christi consecrated candidates participate in two-week mission in Yonkers, New York

Booth at St. Peters festival in Yonkers
Booth at St. Peters' festival in Yonkers, NY.

Candidates for the consecrated life in Regnum Christi recently served as missionaries for the people in Yonkers, New York.

The was the second annual mission, held this year on June 15- 29, 2014, at St. Peter’s parish there.

Using a nearby school and convent for overnight accommodations, the missionaries visited with small groups at the parish, leading reflections and offering spiritual insights. Last year Fr. Lino Otero LC organized the parish into small groups to promote fellowship within the parish. The groups meet once a week, usually at a parishioner’s home.

“When we went to these groups, we would do a gospel reflection with the people,” said one of the RC consecrated candidates, Julian Frommling. “It was beautiful to see how they shared and opened up to us. We were using the passage of Emmaus, so many people would share how even
With the children
Consecrated candidates with the children at the St. Peter's festival.
in their sufferings, they have been able to feel our Lord close to them. It was a huge testimony of faith for all of us.”

“For me personally, it was a moment to experience the joy and simplicity with which we can live our faith, seeing the example of these people, most of them Hispanic immigrants, and their trust in God and profound love for Him. It also increased the desire in my heart to share the love and mercy of God with others.”

During the two weeks, the missionaries also assisted with Catholic Charities work at the local food pantry.

“We also had the grace to participate in the Eucharistic procession on Corpus Christi, led by Fr Helio Cantu LC, in which
Eucharistic procession in Yonkers
Eucharistic procession in at St. Peters' parish.
we went through a few blocks of Yonkers singing hymns,” said Julian.

The missionaries were present for the parish feast day for their patron, St. Peter, on June 29, which included a parish festival.  Missionaries held games for children under a “FIFA” theme – “Fishermen into Fearless Apostle.”

“The kids would score a goal in the game and then answer questions about St Peter to try to win a soccer ball,” Julian
The consecrated candidates outside the convent school.
The consecrated candidates outside the convent school.



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