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Musical Blogging
Br. John Klein LC highlights his music in a blog series

Br. John Klein and friends
Br. John Klein LC and friends promote his "Fearless" album

Br. John Klein LC, our very own musical Legionary, is blogging for Regnum Christi Live. Each of his blogs leads into one of his original songs.  The first is a meditation on the hopeful symbolism of the sunrise. Click here to read the blog, and here to listen to the song “Sunrise.”

Br. John currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works with the RC Mission Corps. Br. John “loves to play and write music of all kinds for his retreat and youth activities.”

If you are not familiar with Br. John’s music, read all about it at the following links from articles on the Regnum Christi website.  (The last link includes a beautiful song he wrote for one of our former Immaculate Conception students during her recovery from a head injury.)

Love is Brave: While studying for the priesthood, Brother John Klein LC releases his first album

The Fearless: Br. John Klein LC prepares to release his first full-length album

Fearless: Br. John Klein releases his first full-length album

Encouraging Progress and a Song: An Update on Angela DiLaura



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