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Just in Time for the National Convention
Regnum Christi offers new apparel with a special pre-order sale through September 19

RC Apparel
An overview of items available, with all shirts and jackets shown here in black.

Regnum Christi is offering new apparel, including golf-style shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats for men and women, in a special pre-order sale prior to the RC National Convention in Atlanta this October.

All of the new products are available for pre-order at the online RC store at the Regnum Christi website.  Click here for the flyer and more information.

The products can be pre-ordered for a limited time, ending Sept 19, 2014. 

“This sale was originally intended only for convention participants, as a market study to help us to better understand what products/colors people would like,” said Todd Brechbill from Mission Network.  “However, we have now expanded it nationwide so everyone can participate and have access to this name-brand, high quality official ©Regnum Christi branded apparel.”

At the online store you can choose a color and size, where pertinent, and regarding the shirts, the particular style. The most popular colors and styles will eventually be offered permanently through the RC store.  

Pre-ordered items will be available for pickup at the Atlanta convention, or (for a shipping and handling fee) mailed to a selected address.  Products will be shipped the week of October 6.

For more information, contact Anna Kulway at
RC Shirt for Women
One of the shirt styles offered for women. Most of the apparel items are offered in different styles and colors.
or call (855) 556-6872.



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