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“Here I am Lord”
Four young women take their vows of consecration within the Association of Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

Greenville, Rhode Island —On the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, four young women made their first vows of “poverty, chastity and obedience” within the Association of Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.

The four began their journey with several other young women two years ago when they started their discernment of consecrated life within Regnum Christi.  Over time, while some of these young women discovered God was calling them to a different path, Dani Haddad (Chile), Julian Frommling (Ohio), Victoria Backstrom (Minnesota) and Rose Cunningham (California) felt the gentle invitation of Jesus:  “Come, Follow Me.”

Several of their friends and family members joined in the Eucharistic celebration, and it was a joyful gathering, both for the families of the women who made their vows as well as for the family of the Regnum Christi Movement.

Fr. James Perez LC officiated, with Fr. Edward McIlmail LC and Fr. Nicola Derpich LC concelebrating.  Br. Morgan Backstrom LC (Victoria’s brother who is stationed in Rome) has been in the US for a summer apostolate and was proud to be part of the celebration, serving at the Mass.

During the ceremony, the candidates were called by name by Magdalena Faine, the director of the candidacy
Consecation Candidates 2014
Rose Cunningham takes her vows with her sister candidates.
program.  Each responded with a resounding “Here I am Lord, you have called me,” illustrating the divine initiative in every vocation.

Nancy Nohrden, territorial director of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in North America, presided over the rite of consecration, receiving on behalf of the Association, the first vows of the candidates.  Father James then prayed a prayer of consecration over them, asking the Holy Spirit to send His fire of love upon them.  Each received a crucifix and a Bible to sustain and nourish them in their life of consecration.  They responded to the reception of the crucifix with the words “Hail, O Cross, our only hope” and a kissed the image of Our Lord.

During the offertory procession, the newly consecrated each brought up a single host to add to the paten as a symbol of her voluntary self-offering to Christ.

After Mass, the halls of Mater Ecclesiae were filled with joyful greetings to each of the newly consecrated as their families and friends lined up for photos and gave them flowers.

Victoria said what the day meant for her.  “Just before Mass began, Magdalena met us in the choir loft and gave each one of us a hug.  She accompanied
Julian Frommling makes her vows of consecration.
Julian Frommling makes her vows of consecration.
us all through this long journey.  She knows us well.  I could see in her eyes the love of a mother.  She was proud of her ‘kids’ taking the next step.”

 “It’s amazing to see how God works,” she said. “We started with 12, and this is what He wanted.  He has a plan; the best one.”

Please continue to pray for all the Consecrated Women continuing their discernment and give thanks to God for these new vocations in the Church.



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