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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Medicine and Charity
The Legionaries of Christ help those in the medical field to grow closer to Christ in the practice of their profession.

P. Peter Hopkins y Mons. William Smith
Father Peter Hopkins, LC (left) and Msgr. William Smith concelebrating the Mass.
Father Peter Hopkins, LC, was invited to the New York Catholic Physician´s Guild on June 23rd to present the work of the Legion of Christ with the poor, especially Helping Hands Medical Missions in South and Central America. The meeting took place at the beautiful Cardinal Cooke Medical Center in Manhattan, which has a panoramica view of Central Park.

During his talk Father Peter invited the doctors to join the annual medical missions in Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Each year groups of doctors, nurses and volunteers from North America spend ten days helping the poor of Latin America with their accute medical needs. Through this combined work of science and human goodness, many of the less fortunate receive help that they would never be able to afford while the missionaries are renewed in their faith, their mission of medical service, and in the wonderful experience of true Gospel charity.

Father Peter´s words reached many of the participants´ hearts. A
Doctors Guild in New York
Doctors listen in New York City as the Helping Hands Medical Missions are explained to them.
few doctors came forward expressing a desire to participate in one of the future medical missions and promote them among their colleagues and family members.

An integral part of the event was the celebration of the Eucharist, which Father Peter concelebrated with Msgr. William Smith, the vice rector of the seminary of the Archdiocese of New York.


Helping Hands Medical Missions - Galeria

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