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Turn to Jesus (Article)

New Women of the Kingdom
Energizing lay women to build the church: Denver Regnum Christi conference "an inspiration."

Denver, Colorado women
Ready to bring Christ to the world.
ALLENSPARK, CO-Women serving the Church from Rhode Island to California converged on the Saint Malo Retreat Center the weekend of March 27-30 to re-energize their spirit and help build up the Church. The National Regnum Christi Women´s Conference attracted 64 women seeking to deepen their prayer lives and serve the Church more fruitfully.

"These women left the conference full of zeal," said Patty Greenberg, leader of the Denver-area Regnum Christi women´s teams who worked together to host the conference. "It´s a powerful experience to come together with so many talented people excited about the New Evangelization. It gives you great hope for the Church´s future," she said.

The theme of the conference was "New Women of the Kingdom," which reflects the Regnum Christi Movement´s focus on becoming the "new man" or "new woman" in Christ called for by St. Paul. Regnum Christi is one of the new ecclesial movements recognized by the Church as part of the New Evangelization, Pope John Paul II´s effort for all Catholics to win back the culture for Christ. Regnum Christi includes priests of theLegion of Christ , who provide spiritual guidance for the Movement.

Father Daniel Polzer, based in Denver, opened the convention
Denver Mary Pieczynski
Mary Pieczynski, a Regnum Christi member from Connecticut, helped the women grow in their love for the Movement.
with a discussion of the universal call to holiness.

"One of the great lessons of Vatican II," Father Polzer said, "is that holiness is every Catholic´s job. It doesn´t mean lay people should act like priests and nuns, but it does mean we bring the love of Christ into our families, our jobs, our social life, our world."

On top of participating in parish and diocesan programs, Regnum Christi members undertake works of service designed to help the Gospel reach more people. Many talks at the conference focused on ways women can help young people love Christ in the face of so many distractions and temptations.

"Young people have an amazing capacity to do the missionary work our Church needs right here in our homes and neighborhoods," said Tricia Magaletti, national director of Regnum Christi´s Challenge Clubs for girls. "If you want young people to keep the faith, get them active in spreading it," she said.

The conference also included a more philosophical element, analyzing the confusion in our society about women´s identity and role in our culture.

Cris Tallent, a Regnum Christi
Denver mountain scenery
The beauty of God's creation enveloped the conference.
member from Virginia, analyzed the difference between some popular versions of feminism and what Pope John Paul II has identified as "the feminine genius."

"Women can´t fulfill themselves by denying what makes them uniquely feminine and trying to be more like men," she said. "Our fulfillment comes in loving profoundly and deeply.

"This is what Christ calls all of us to do," Tallent added, "and it is where we as women by our nature take the lead."

(April 8, 2003)


Switzerland Women's Convention - Galeria

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