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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Make Time for Christ
After all these great encounters with so many wonderful people I knew that God wanted me to stay close to the Movement.

Sean Finneran
Sean Finneran
Ignition interview with Sean Finneran
Interview by: Barry Almon

Ignition: Tell us about yourself?
Sean: I was born in Madrid, Spain, but I´ve been moving around ever since I can remember; my dad is in the military. Growing up in several different countries has been a great experience. I´ve lived in Germany, Italy, Washington, D.C., Colorado Springs, South Carolina, and currently reside in Sandusky, OH. My three older sisters have had a big influence on me as well.

I: How did you get started with the Regnum Christi Movement?
S: My first contact with the Movement came my freshman year of high school when I met Father Michael Goodyear, LC. At first I didn´t fully understand what the Movement was all about. Throughout high school I was close to my sister and my friend Hugo, who both attended Bowling Green University. Eventually my sister became a Co-worker and Hugo went to Cheshire and later joined the Novitiate. She gave a year as a Co-worker in Brazil teaching religion in a school. I had the chance to visit her and see first hand the Movement in action. I also had the opportunity to visit Br Hugo in Cheshire a few times and while I was there met several other Legionaries including Father Ned Brown. After all these great encounters with so many wonderful people I knew that God wanted me to stay close to the Movement.

I: How has traveling abroad helped you?
S: Living abroad has helped me make friends with many people and has helped me to adjust to many different environments. Although I didn´t have very many close relationships, I can say that overall it was a good experience.

I: Who inspired you growing up?
S: My grandparents had a pivotal role in molding my faith. After my family finished traveling abroad, we headed back to Ohio to be with family. I would often go over to my grandparents house after school and spend time there in the summer. They taught me about the faith and helped me get a better understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist, Mass, and especially Adoration.

I: Tell us about your experience with the Helping Hand Medical Missions?
S: My mother is a nurse and invited me to come to Venezuela along with other doctors, surgeons, and medical support staff. I was also able to meet Father Eugene Gormley, LC, who helped guide the apostolate with Lupita Assad. It was such an amazing experience, not only to see poor people receive the treatment they desperately needed, but also to witness the generosity of the missionary doctors and the lengths they would go to offer their services.

I: What sports or hobbies are you involved in?
S: I´ve always been into cross country, track and wrestling. In high school I placed twice in wrestling while our school won the state championship as a team my junior year. I´m a certified personal trainer and I help coach the local high school wrestling team here in Steubenville. You could say I´m in the gym a lot.

I: What advice would you give to our readers?
S: No matter what stage you are at, whether in high school or college, no matter what your involved in, make time to visit Christ in the Eucharist. The chapel is the place where I can find peace amid all the various things going on throughout the day. I encourage everyone, if they have the opportunity, to take advantage of their time and spend a moment of their day to visit Christ.

Sean is a Biology major at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

(May 30, 2003)



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