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National Consultants for Education
National Consultants for Education (NCE)is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing a unique and comprehensive educational method in schools throughout the United States and Canada.

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Our Mission

National Consultants for Education was founded in 1997 to serve Catholic education in America. Our mission is to assist schools in preparing Christian leaders to transform society according to the principles of justice and charity contained in the Church´s social teaching. We provide assistance to a growing number of affiliated independent Catholic schools across the United States and Canada in the areas of Curriculum, School Operations and Administration, Teacher Formation, and Consulting Services.

Transforming Society through Education


· Strong academic curriculum rich in content, well-grounded in liberal arts with proven advanced educational methods
· Integrated spiritual and apostolic formation
· Strong emphasis on character development
· Effective use of computer technology in the classroom
· Publishing quality textbooks

School Operations and Administration

· Complete school administration package
· Integrated system for school management
· Fundraising and community development
· Marketing and school promotion
· Personnel management

Teacher Formation

· Teacher recruitment and placement services
· Training programs and professional development courses for teachers
· Competitive teacher salaries and advancement opportunities

Consulting Services

· On-site assessment of affiliated schools
· Guidelines for starting new schools
· Organizational structure and human resources advice
· Architectural design assistance for school construction

Integral Formation

Integral Formation, involving complete and solid formation of every aspect of a student´s personality, is fundamental and distinctive to our educational philosophy. It encompasses four areas: academic (intellectual and developmental), human (psychological, emotional and social), spiritual (religious) and apostolic (service to others). To educate a student is to give clear direction and specific content to this process of formation. Only when every facet of the person reaches its natural perfection does one achieve his or her human potential.

Forming Leaders

The youth are our hope. By forming leaders who will shape tomorrow´s world, we are making an investment in the future and beginning the transformation of society.

For more information please contact us at or visit the NCE Web site at


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