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Missionaries at Home
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Catholic World Mission pledges to support missionaries ‘on our own soil’


“Works of love begin at home,” Mother Teresa once told the United Nations. The Regnum Christi Mission Corps volunteers are missionaries ‘at home’ – evangelizing their own peers and working in first world nations.

“While many missionary organizations focus their work in areas of the world suffering from physical, medical, or financial difficulties, RCMC strives to work effectively as a tool of the New Evangelization in western nations suffering from the secularization and demoralization of society and culture,” explains former RC Missionary Chris O’Loughlin.

Regnum Christi Missionaries reach out to their fellow young people through retreats, talks, youth groups, urban missions, and much more. Recognizing the value of the Regnum Christi Mission Corps as part of the New Evangelization, Catholic World Mission has announced that it will
Regnum Christi Missionaries participated in Holy Week missions in New York City
now be offering financial aid to young people who are interested in the program.

“Catholic World Mission has very successfully funded the work of missionaries around the world, but we have not supported similar evangelizing efforts here on our own soil,” says CWM Director Rick Medina. “Hence, CWM is launching support for the Regnum Christi Mission Corps; we are very proud to be supporting this initiative!”

Regnum Christi Missionaries are asked to provide about $4,900 of the yearly cost of the program. CWM would like to offset the cost for young men and women who are interested in the program but need help covering the expense. CWM has devoted a page on their website to the RC Mission Corps; visit it if you are interested in supporting these young missionaries!



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