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Turn to Jesus (Article)

The light and strength of the Holy Spirit
A message from the General Chapter Delegates of the North American Territory

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February 25, 2014

To the Legionaries of the North American Territory

Dear brother priests, religious in formation and novices,

The light and strength of the Holy Spirit has accompanied us during these past two months spent here in Rome participating in the Extraordinary General Chapter. Your daily prayers have accompanied us as we engaged in the fundamental tasks of the Chapter: the review and approval of the revised text of the Constitutions of the Legion of Christ and the election of the new general government for the coming six years. We want to sincerely thank you and so many others for your prayerful support.

Each of you has been very much in our minds and hearts, grateful for your witness and your willingness to follow Christ during what have been very challenging times since the last General Chapter. We approached our painful past, the review of the Constitutions and the ensuing discussions thinking of all of you, our brothers in the Lord and in the Legion. You have been a living part of the Chapter. As King David spent time gathering and storing the best raw materials so that his son Solomon could build the House of the Lord, our hope has been to provide in the revised Constitutions and Chapter documents those materials that can help us authentically live out the gift of our charism in our religious consecration and priestly ministry. This was the very desire that drove the review of the Constitutions on a community level over the past years and imbued the spirit of our Territorial Assembly last summer. We, the delegates to the Chapter, hope to have responded with diligence to the trust that you placed in us.

The Chapter began as an invitation to look deeply into our own souls recognizing our personal and institutional failings. We sought forgiveness and reconciliation. This purification allowed us to enter the mystery of our history, experience the merciful love of the Sacred Heart of Christ, and rediscover the beauty and transforming power of our foundational charism alive in each Legionary and approved by the Church.

Fraternal charity and sincere brotherhood, along with a frank, sincere and respectful dialogue, helped us to understand that even in the diversity of experiences and opinions there is a strong bond that unites us, stemming from our vocation and our love for the Legion and our mission. We recognize the need and common desire to continue to learn from each other and support each other through mutual understanding.

The closing of the Chapter is also a new beginning. We now have in our hands the Constitutions that have been presented to the Holy See for approval, as well as the Chapter documents, which analyze our past, reflect on our present and map out a path for the future. We encourage all to prayerfully study these documents, discuss them in community, and make them a guiding light in our ongoing renewal. As Chapter delegates we plan to visit within the coming weeks each community to share with you Chapter experiences and be available for any questions you may have.

We look forward to our territorial gathering after Easter, where in a simple family spirit we hope to deepen our encounter with the Risen Lord who has called us to be with him, to experience his love, and to send us out sharing his mission of forming apostles.

Sincerely yours in Christ and the Legion,

Extraordinary General Chapter Delegates

North American Territory



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