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Regnum Christi Statutes
The Holy Father´s approval signals the official recognition of the organization as a work of God at the service of the Church.

documento del Decreto de aprobacion del RC

Congregation for the Institutes of Religious Life
and the Societies of Apostolic Life

Prot. n. R. 111-1 /2004


The Regnum Christi Movement is the specific apostolic instrument of the Legion of Christ, to which it is united in an indivisible manner. Its finality is the establishment of the Kingdom of Christ among all people by the growth in holiness of its members in the state and condition of life to which God has called them, and by a personalized and organized service to the Church and her pastors. With the direction and spiritual support of the Legionaries of Christ, the members of the Movement, in the full exercise of their freedom unite together in order to help each other fulfill their baptismal commitments.

Its specific charism is the same as the Legion of Christ and consists in knowing, living, and preaching the commandment of love that Jesus Christ Redeemer came to bring us by his Incarnation. In fact, the work that the Legionaries of Christ and the members of the Movement of apostolate Regnum Christi carry out in the construction of the civilization of Christian justice and love is well known.

The founder of the Legion of Christ and of Regnum Christi presented to the Apostolic See the Statutes of the Movement of apostolate Regnum Christi seeking their definitive approval. The Holy Father has received paternally this petition and with his supreme authority has approved them.

The Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life, informed of this approval by the Secretariat of State (Prot. N. 568.021), by the present Decree makes it public to all.

An original copy of the text of the Statutes redacted in Spanish is conserved in the Archive of this Dicastery.

The Apostolic See strongly recommends that the Statutes, followed faithfully by the members of the Regnum Christi Movement, become a further effective means for the extension of the Kingdom of Christ in the world.

With nothing being to the contrary.

Given in Rome, November 26, 2004

+ Franc Rodé, C.M.

+ Piergiorgio Silvano Nesti, C.P.


Translation of the original decree in Spanish.



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