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The Legion of Christ and Pius XII

Pius PP. XII
Pius PP. XII

The first pope that the founder met was Pius XII, at a private audience in Rome. He was the first pope who confirmed and blessed the idea of the Legion of Christ. When he commented on the Legion’s apostolic charism, the Pope insisted on the thorough formation of Catholic leaders, especially for Latin America.

This audience occurred on Wednesday, June 12th, 1946. The Holy Father would receive the founder on several occasions afterwards, as he traveled to Rome from time to time seeking to expedite the process for the definitive approval of the congregation and its constitutions.

Finally, the moment arrived when the first group of Legionaries was presented to the Pope. The Legionaries had opened their house in Rome in October 1950, and Pope Pius XII granted them an audience in December. On that occasion, the students of the apostolic school in Ontaneda, Spain also happened to be in Rome for the close of the Holy Year that Christmas.

Ever since then, the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi members present in Rome make it a point to attend the first general audience of the year to show their filial support to the Holy Father.



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