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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Pilgrim of Peace
During the Holy Father’s trip to the Holy Land, he will bless the cornerstone of the Legion’s new Magdala Center.

El Papa Benedicto XVI habló de su viaje a la Tierra Santa en la audiencia general del miércoles 06 de mayo de 2009.
Pope Benedict XVI spoke about his upcoming trip to the Holy Land during the general audience on May 6, 2009.

Jerusalem, Israel. May 7, 2009. The Holy Father will be visiting the Holy Land from May 8 to 15, bearing encouragement for Israel’s Christians, who are “faced daily with many difficulties.” He also comes as a “pilgrim of peace,” bearing witness to the Church’s commitment to fostering dialogue and reconciliation, including interreligious and ecumenical dialogue (cf. General audience, May 6, 2009).

Part of the Holy Father’s packed program of events includes an evening meeting on May 11 with organizations dedicated to interreligious dialogue. This meeting will be held in the John Paul II auditorium at the Pontifical Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, which was entrusted to the management of the Legion of Christ in 2004.

During his trip, the Pope will also bless the cornerstone of a new retreat center that the Legion is building on the shores of the Sea of Galilee: the Magdala Center, located in the area of Galilee where Mary of Magdala reputedly lived.

The Magdala Center will be an extension of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center. Its purpose is to
Ruinas en la ciudad de Magdala, lugar cercano a donde se realiza el “Magdala Center”.
Ruins in the city of Magdala, close to the site of the planned Magdala Center.
serve pilgrims to the Holy Land by providing them with a place of prayer, lodging, and cultural enrichment in a place of unparalleled historical importance. To read a more complete description of what the Magdala Center will offer, click here.

About 1.5 million tourists, many of whom are pilgrims, visit the Holy Land each year. About 80% of these tourists stop in Jerusalem, and more than 70% also travel to Galilee and spend at least two nights there. The Magdala Center will be one more means to help them encounter Christ more deeply during their stay.

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