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Legion Launches Improvement Teams
Three teams will work to improve local fundraising, communications, and subsidiarity.

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The Participative Organizational Council (POC) has commissioned three teams to address important areas for performance improvement in the Atlanta and New York territories.

The teams were created at the Council’s first meeting, March 21 in Atlanta.  The Council was announced early this month with the purpose: “To proactively identify and address problems and opportunities of the Legion and Regnum Christi."

The following teams have begun their work, with the target date for initial results of mid-April:

• Local fundraising, headed by Glory Darbellay, consecrated – New York.  This team will explore ways Legionaries, consecrated and lay members can work together to ensure the financial strength of the local area where they work.
• Communications – headed by Jim Fair, Director – Communications.  This team will create a model for people at all levels of the organization to determine appropriate information and means for communication.
• Subsidiarity – headed by Oscar Marroquin – assistant to the territorial directors for operations.  This team will address the need for authority and decision-making to occur at the appropriate level. 

Together, the three teams will pull numerous Legionaries, consecrated and lay people into their work.  The POC will report on the results of the team efforts as the work moves forward.



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