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Tell Me How God Called You…
48 new Legionary priests tell their vocation stories in the book Ven y sígueme (Come and Follow Me), published by El Arca Editors.

Portada del libro

One was a public accountant; another was a soldier in a nuclear submarine. One was an industrial engineer; another was a doctor. Two were athletes on the verge of a professional career. One graduated from Oxford with a degree in economics; another got his doctorate in the history of law in Madrid…

All of them were surprised and fascinated by Christ, who one day told them, “Come and follow me.” For some, the voice of Christ was gentle and serene; for others, it was insistent and clear from the beginning. Some responded right away; others needed more time to let Christ conquer them…
In Ven y sígueme you will find 48 unique stories of the love and self-giving that brought these young men to priestly ordination, to place themselves at the service of God, the Church, and their fellow man. The testimonies are mainly written in Spanish, with 11 stories written in English and 1 in German.

The new priests were ordained on December 22, 2007 in the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome by Bishop Luigi
Contraportada libro ven y sigueme
de Magistris, Major Pro-Penitentiary Emeritus. They come from the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, and Singapore.

The book will be available for sale in January 2008. If you are interested you can write to:

Ven y sígueme (Come and Follow Me)
Legion of Christ priests tell their vocation story
Publisher: El Arca
Pages: 345
98 photographs
Year of publication: 2007
Cost (to confirm): $ 235.00 (Mexican pesos)


Priestly Ordinations, 2007 - Galeria

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