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Turn to Jesus (Article)

The Class of 2012
Thirteen young women graduate with degrees in Pastoral and Religious Studies from Mater Ecclesiae College

MEC Graduate Hat Toss

Greenville, Rhode Island -- On June 23, 2012, Mater Ecclesiae College’s second graduating class donned caps and gowns for their graduation ceremony.  Thirteen seniors graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral and Religious Studies.  Twelve of the graduates will now begin new missions in the consecrated life in Regnum Christi (see list below.)  One of the graduates, Amelia Watkins, discerned the consecrated life is not her path and will return home to other plans.

In her address to the graduates, MEC president Deb Bauer spoke about how their four years of consecrated life in Regnum Christi had coincided with four difficult years for the movement.  However, she said that God had blessed them and given them a special grace of strength, and she mentioned the importance of prayer, patience and humility in their new missions.

Jim Fair, who taught the course “Writing for Media” to the senior class, was the commencement speaker.  He also spoke of the strength that this class had formed in their four years, and mentioned the example of true sisterhood that they had shown.

The senior graduates were full of gratitude for their four years at MEC.  As Megan McCleneghen said, “The day of graduation, my class and I sat in the front facing all of
Mater Ecclesiae Graduates
Thirteen women graduated from Mater Ecclesiae in June 2012
our teachers.  I couldn´t help but be moved looking at each one of them and thinking how, together, they have truly shaped who I am today. I´ll be taking the treasure they have given me into the next stage of my consecrated life out in the mission.”

Many of the other seniors echoed Megan’s excitement.

“I loved walking down the aisle and thinking, ‘Wow; we´ve made it!!!’, and knowing that it was not the end, but the beginning,” said senior Carolina Tavares. “Everything I’ve learned doesn´t go to a storage room; now is my chance to share the wonderful experiences of these years and to help others discover the Truth I have come to know: the Truth of Christ!”

The 2012 Mater Ecclesiae graduates who are consecrated women in Regnum Christi are…

Ale Curiel

Home: La Piedad, Mexico

Destination: Oxford, Michigan, USA

Mary DeGoede

Home: Washington, USA

Destination: Oxford, Michigan, USA    

Laura Kuhlman

Home: Ohio, USA

Destination: Washington DC, USA      

Therese Maher

Home: Michigan, USA

Destination: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Paulina Marín

Home: Tampico, Mexico

Destination: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Megan McCleneghen

Home: Texas, USA

Destination: Houston, Texas, USA

Andrea Moreno

Home: Chiapas, Mexico

Destination: Monterrey, Mexico

Rebecca Olek

Home: New York, USA

Destination: Dallas, Texas, USA

Stephanie Pangtay

Home: Texas, USA

Destination: New York, USA

Catherine Smith

Home: Dunedin, New Zealand

Destination: Washington DC, USA

Nicole Stone

Home: Minnesota, USA

Destination: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Carolina Tavares       

Home: Aguascalientes, Mexico    

Destination: Greenville, Rhode Island, USA



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