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Ready and Waiting!
Troubled Hearts: A Retreat Guide on Peace of the Soul is now available


“…An answer to prayer!”  

“I need this…to start my crazy brain on a positive note!” 

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to grow in our faith!" 

This is what people are saying about the new monthly retreat guides available from 

Following the release of the first guide for Advent (still available on the site) is the second monthly guide, "Troubled Hearts: A Retreat Guide on Peace of Soul.” 

“In this new retreat guide, we delve into Jesus´ words, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled’ from the Gospel of John 14:1,’” said Fr. John Bartunek who is the featured presenter. “What did He really mean?  How can we make that happen?  ‘Troubled Hearts’ will help you go deep in answering questions like those.” 

As with all the retreat guides, this new offering can be read in a written format, listened to in audio format, or viewed in a video format.  The guide can be used by individuals or in groups. 

“Check it out, spread the news, and please give us your feedback at,” said Fr. John. 

Following are comments from those who have experienced the retreat guides: 

“I invited some couples over for the evening to listen to the retreat guide together. We made it into a very nice social with wine, coffee, tea and appetizers. I downloaded the retreat guide and we all watched it on our TV together and then answered the questions as a group. It was really wonderful to be able to participate with our husbands. They enjoyed it so much we have decided to host the retreat guide in alternate homes each month so that our husbands have an opportunity to get together with each other. Thank for this wonderful opportunity to grow in our faith together.” - Mary Catherine V 

“Wow, thank you Fr. B for doing this.  Watching this video, the music is so calming, your message so encouraging.  I need this type of daily retreat to start my crazy brain on a positive note. ” - Doug W 

"Just did this retreat. It was beautiful, rich in both high quality content for the mind and deep inspiration for the soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Top quality production of even higher quality content!" - Mary W 

“This monthly retreat truly is an answer to prayer! THANK YOU! We have been gathering a group of women in Nashville to meet for First Saturday Mornings of Reflection and this will fill a HUGE need we had for the spiritual component to the morning. God Bless You for this is a blessing.” - Laura C 

“Enjoyed your Advent Retreat Guide very much! It´s amazing how much information you have managed to include in such short videos. I liked that they were so dense - it did mean that I had to listen through the meditations twice, but it´s very nice when every word in a video matters. It´s great that you offer the retreat in so many different formats, and that it´s overall very polished (music, art, the set, etc.). I really hope you´ll make more retreats like this in the future! Thank you!” - Anita M 




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