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Buon Natale!
Seminarians visit 25 churches in Rome during 2012 Advent Church-a-thon event

Seminarians in Rome

Rome, Italy -- Seeing the churches of Rome is a tour many travelers would want to take.  But imagine seeing all those churches in just 12 hours!  This is what the Legion of Christ seminarians who work and study in the ancient city got to do this past Advent season. 

On December 22, 2012, these 25 young men walked through the streets of Rome stopping to pray at 25 Catholic churches starting at the Basilica of Saint Mary Majors and ending at the Basilica of Saint Peter’s.  

In honor of the event, many of their family and friends pledged funds to support the seminarians’ vocations. (To add your own donations to the cause, go to or send an email to 

Highlights of the event included the young men stopping to sing Silent Night in St. Peter’s Square and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in the Piazza Navona, where a crowd of over a hundred people stopped to listen.  

“Not only did we make it to all 25 churches on the path, but we made at least 2000 people smile!” said Br. Aaron Loch, LC.  “I had a blast wishing everybody a ‘Buon Natale’ (Merry Christmas in Italian) and singing Christmas carols.” 

You can see pictures of the Church-a-thon by clicking hereClick here to see a list of all the churches the seminarians visited.




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