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A Response to Demand
The Regnum Christi Handbook is now more affordable in soft-cover format from the RC Resource Center

RC Handbook

By popular demand, the Regnum Christi Member Handbook is now available in a soft-cover format. 

“People all over have been asking for this for almost a year now,” said Todd Brechbill of Mission Network. 

To order the handbook, go to the RC Resource center at 

According to the resource center, the handbook "provides a clear and simple explanation of what it means to be a member of Regnum Christi. Topics include the identity and mission of Regnum Christi, its spirituality, the means it offers for spiritual growth, its organization and activities, and its traditions."

The handbook was available in only a hardcover format for $17.95, and these books are now out of stock, according to Todd.  But the new version is more affordable, at $9.99, for these economic times, he said.



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