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Living Lent with the Little Ones
Fr. Peter Huynh LC launches his 3rd Lenten art contest for children

Stations of the Cross Art Contest

Philadelphia, PA – It started in 2010, with a simple gesture of appreciation during the Year for Priests. Fr. Peter Huynh, LC (then a theology student a few years from ordination) received an envelope of drawings and letters from a 3rd grade class in Georgia. This sparked an idea: why not combine the creativity of children and the spiritual depth of seminary life into a tool of evangelization for the season of Lent?

Fr. Peter held an art contest for primary school students, in which each young artist drew an illustration for one of the Stations of the Cross. He then had fellow seminarians vote on the drawings, and each winning drawing was paired with a reflection from one the seminarians to create a guide for the Stations of the Cross.

For that first art contest, Fr. Peter – who was ordained this past December – brought together reflections from 15 seminarians and drawings from 15 young students, and created a single volume of prayers and pictures for the Stations of the Cross.

Fr. Peter held his second contest last year, and published three volumes to accommodate even more of the drawings. All three volumes are now available for purchase online at (links below). Proceeds will all support seminarians studying for the priesthood.

This year, Fr. Peter is launching his third Lenten art contest, and hopes to have more contestants than ever. The art contest is open to any child in 2nd – 5th grade, and this year, 6th – 8th graders are also invited to submit a personal prayer or reflection on one of the Stations of the Cross. The contest deadline is May 9, 2013 – Ascension Thursday – and the winning submissions will be published for Lent 2014.

Fr. Peter hopes that both the published volumes and the contest itself will help children and adults to delve into the season of Lent.

“Children have a richness; that combination of profound faith, simplicity, and innocence,” he says. “A child can express in an illustration his deep feelings of what Christ endured on his way to Calvary. What you see is their unadulterated view of what Christ did for them.”

For contest guidelines or more information, contact Fr. Peter at

Download the 2010 Stations of the Cross guide here.

The 2012 Stations of the Cross guies can be purchased here:



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