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Psychology Education Online
IPS launches first-of-its-kind distance learning website

IPS Online Webinar

It is now a little easier to incorporate a Catholic-understanding of the human person, marriage and family into psychological and pastoral practice, thanks to the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS). 

IPS, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a Catholic graduate school of psychology offering master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and a master´s degree in general psychology.  IPS’s distinctive curriculum integrates the science of psychology with the Catholic understanding of the human person, marriage and the family.  For the 2012-2013 school year, IPS welcomed the largest enrollment since the Catholic graduate school of psychology opened its doors in 1999 with 85 new or returning students. 

Dr. Stephen Grundman
Dr. Stephen Grundman
keeping with its mission, IPS has launched a website offering the first-of-its-kind online educational training for licensed mental health practitioners.  In addition, m
any of the webinars are also designed for those working on the front lines of pastoral ministry who are seeking guidance in recognizing and referring people to receive the assistance they need.  

 “I strongly encourage you to visit our new website and see firsthand why IPS Online Education is truly revolutionary,” said Stephen Grundman, Ph.D., Director of IPS Distance Learning. 

“Participants, including priests and those involved in Catholic or Christian ministry, can find new webinars each month offering practical information that can be applied immediately.” 

Online training is available in on-demand webinars designed in a multi-media format to engage the participant and enhance the learning experience.  Participants can select webinars individually, or if they desire, sign up for an annual membership giving them unlimited viewing opportunities. 

Each webinar is taught by an established mental health practitioner with proven clinical training who shares the IPS distinct mission of integration.


Topics include:

·         Counseling for distressed couples and building strong marriages

·         Fostering healthy relationships between parents and children

·         Treating men and women struggling with pornography and other addictions

·         Giving people tools to deal with anger and moving toward forgiveness

·         Bringing healing and meaning to clients suffering from grief and loss 

Click here to access the new IPS distance learning website.  Click here for a new commercial about the website. 

Following are some testimonials from those who experienced IPS online webinars: 

“IPS Online Education offers a cogent, practical opportunity to apply the best of psychology and the Catholic faith for clients, in the midst of so many CEU offerings out there. As the Director of a Catholic mental health clinic, I really appreciate how the webinar format enables our staff to meet to discuss the relevant topics and practical applications which are pertinent to our practice.” - Kathleen Gallagher, Director, Alpha Omega Clinic, Bethesda, Maryland.

“My experience with the IPS webinars has been outstanding. They are informative, educational and offer opportunities to strengthen my knowledge and skills as a clinician. Thank you for providing us with this venue to strengthen our commitment as Catholic therapists.” - Mary Lou, Georgia.

“I am just delighted that IPS Distance Learning is going to provide ‘on-demand’ webinars. I have found those that I have attended to be fascinating, enlightening, and extremely helpful in my role as a lay spiritual guide.” - Julie, Washington, DC.

I was grateful to receive the benefits of an informative webinar on a day that I was unable to be at IPS in person. Thank God for the technology that allows for this method of learning and evangelization!” - Fr. Rob, SJ, Wisconsin.

“I am totally amazed at your online education modules. It is truly a blessing to see faithful Catholic institutions keeping up with the distance learning trends of our society by offering useful materials at affordable prices.” - Bob Laird, Director of Programs, Cardinal Newman Society, Manassas, Virginia.




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