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CHS News
Legionary brothers in Rome produce newscast-style videos about their daily lives

CNS News

Rome, Italy -- The Legion of Christ brothers at the Center for High Studies in Rome would like to keep families and friends up to date on their activities in the eternal city, so they are producing a periodic video news program about their daily lives. 

Called CHS News, the video journals are designed to appear like a television newscast. 

“We’ve had positive comments from visitors who are impressed with our way of life here – for example, those who participated with us in the opening Mass for the Year of Faith,” said Br Luis de Ávila LC.  “We wanted a way to share our news with those who are not able to come to Rome.” 

The brothers first created and made available news videos in Spanish -- Ces
Newscast from Rome
From a recent CHS newscast....
-- in October 2012, producing them afterwards on a monthly basis.  Then came the idea to publish an English version.

Though their main audience is the family and friends of the brothers from house in Rome, the videos are available for viewing by all who are interested. 

The first English video is available on Facebook, and Dropbox and YouTube at the links below:



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