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Prayers for the Conclave
You are invited to join in prayer for the new Pope with a spiritual bouquet for the conclave cardinals

Vatican conclave

At this most important time in the history of the Catholic Church, Regnum Christi members are being invited to join in a prayer initiative for the election of the new Pope by adopting an electoral cardinal in prayer. 

Calling themselves the “Pope’s Youth,” 5 young adults from Brazil (three of whom are Regnum Christi members) have organized a website to create a spiritual bouquet for the cardinals who will form the conclave to elect the newest vicar of Christ.  Click here to access the website. 

The group says that, “hearing a call from the Holy Father to pray for the choice of the new Pope,” they have issued a “challenge” during this time of Lenten penitence to intercede for the cardinals. “We’ll welcome the successor of Saint Peter no matter where he is from, how old he is, or even his personality,” they said. “We also wish to be united with him in the World Youth Day (WYD) of 2013.” 

Before the conclave, all the intentions in this bouquet will be offered as a gift to the cardinals. But hurry!  The Pope officially retires today (Feb. 28, 2013), and he has given permission for the conclave to meet earlier than the usual 15 days after the office of pope is vacated. 

To join the prayer effort, click on the the icon of the British flag for the English version of the website.  Register with your email and create a password.  You will then need to provide your name, age, country, and address.  With your email and password, you can log into the website and update your prayer bouquet whenever you like.  After registering, you will automatically receive the name of an electoral cardinal who you can pray for until the beginning of the conclave.



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