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The Fearless
Br. John Klein LC prepares to release his first full-length album

New Album for Br John

By Br. John Klein

Atlanta, GA - Two summers ago, a fellow seminarian and I stood on stage in Madrid, Spain, inside the Santiago Bernabeu stadium where the real Madrid soccer team plays.  We had been chosen to play at a World Youth Day 2012 event for a few thousand young people from all around the world. It was a tremendous moment for me on the journey of my vocation, where I profoundly experienced how good our God is and how beautiful are the plans he has tailor-made for each of our hearts.  In that moment on stage, playing music that I had written, God allowed me, for his glory, to fulfill a dream of mine which was to be a singer/song-writer, inspiring hope in youth with my music.

What a grace it has been for me, during these seven years in the seminary studying to be a priest with the Legionaries of Christ, to experience firsthand how God´s plan for our lives incorporates our deepest longings and dreams and uses all our gifts and talents!  I currently live in Atlanta, and this year God has given me the opportunity play in
Br. John playing
front of many young people.  I have been able to encourage them not to be afraid of sincerely seeking God´s plan for their lives, even if at times it requires great trust and leads them to unexpected places!

My first full-length album, titled Fearless, will include 13 songs, and will feature many of the young people from Atlanta whom God has placed in my path to serve and accompany. Together, all of us will combine our talents in this project for the Glory of God! There will be a release party on May 11, where I will have the chance to share my testimony in person. This event will seek to build a Culture of Life and openness to God among our young people!

If you would like to support me as I continue to record music for young people, visit my project on Kickstarter, or find me on Facebook!



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