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Sharing with the Children
Challenge Club from Everest Manila visits White Cross Orphanage

Everest Manila student with orphans

San Juan City, Philippines -- Seventy young orphans at White Cross Orphanage in San Juan City got a visit from the Challenge Club members from the 4th and 5th grades at Everest Academy in Manila in the Philippines.

On April 24, 2013, the students visited the facility that houses more than 100 children, from newborns to 13 years of age.  White Cross cares for the children until they can either return to their families, or they are adopted.

“While we were there, three children were actually dropped off at the orphanage,” said Tawnya Arsenault, the Regnum Christi consecrated woman who oversees the girls club at Everest. “Our girls were shocked and moved by the fact that these children were left at White Cross by their own parents or relatives.”

The students brought a large donation of food and other “goodies” for the orphanage.  They also played games
Everest Manila student with friends
with the children and sang songs with them.

 “Our girls and their moms who volunteered showed once again their huge hearts,” said Tawnya. “Thanks to all, especially the moms for being there to support their daughters.”



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