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Father and Son Retreat
First retreat for fathers and sons held at St. Thomas More Academy in Burton, Michigan

Retreat at St. Thomas More Academy

Burton, Michigan -- Boys from 4th through 8th grade at the St. Thomas More Academy in Burton, Michigan, participated in their first-ever retreat for fathers and sons on April 12-13, 2013. 

“We had a wonderful retreat,” said Fr. Thomas Flynn LC.  “Almost all the boys from these grades attended. This was the first such event we organized at the Academy, and I think all the dads appreciated the opportunity to spend some quality time with their sons and come closer to Christ together.” 

Highlights of the event including a recitation of the rosary with the father/son group, basketball games, a “blind” obstacle course in which dads were teamed with their sons. “They had to guide each other through the course,” said Fr. Thomas with a smile. 

The group also participated in spiritual meditations and Eucharistic adoration, and later enjoyed a movie. 

“On the last day, four boys make their ECyD pledge of friendship,” said Fr. Thomas. 

According to the ECyD section on the RC website, the pledge is “a simple and unique way…to make a public affirmation of friendship with Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, committing themselves to prayer and service.” Those who make the pledge receive a prayer card that lists specific daily and regular prayers, sacraments and virtues, as well as service and apostolic action, all adapted for their grade level.



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