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One World One Mother
Regnum Christi members organize procession in Times Square in honor of the Blessed Mother

One World Mother procession

Manhattan, New York -- On May 18, 2013, in Manhattan, New York, the third annual “One World One Mother” Marian procession in Times Square took place, organized by Regnum Christi members Mario, Adele, Pia and Sonali Bruschi.  More than 350 people participated. Mario and Adele discuss the event in the following interview.  ( (Click here for a YouTube video of the event, and here to download the video.)

How did you come up with the idea of “One World One Mother” procession?

Mario Bruschi: During our family trip to the Holy Land in 2009, we visited the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.  At the Basilica, there are many images of Our Lady, donated by various countries.  I was amazed to see how these countries have their own interpretation of the Blessed Mother.   I thought how great it would be to have an exhibit of these images in New York City.  In 2010, Fr. Luis Rebollo LC (at the time, Brother Luis Rebollo), contacted me about doing a rosary procession in October 2010 for Our Lady.  When I heard about his idea, I told him about my idea to display these images I saw of Our Lady from
Our Lady of the Annunciation
Our Lady of the Basilica of the Annunciation
Nazareth.  Together, we came up with the idea of doing a rosary procession in New York City for Our Lady, and displaying these images in procession.

The next task was to find a church who would agree to be the starting point of this procession.  During that same time, Fr. Thomas Vendetti LC was doing parish work at the Church of the Holy Innocents on West 37th in Manhattan.  So we approached the pastor, Fr. Thomas Kallumady, and presented our idea of having a Mass at his parish, followed by a rosary procession in Times Square.  Fr Kallumady was very enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to be the host of this event.  We then decided that Mother’s Day 2010 would be the date of our first “One World One Mother” event. 

What did this procession consist of? Why Times Square? 

Mario Bruschi: The procession is not a typical Marian procession, where we carry the statue of the Blessed Mother.  Instead, we are using images of Our Lady that show many interpretations of her from various countries.  We want to show people that we are many nationalities, and come from many diverse cultures…but we are united because we have one God, and we also have one mother, who just so happens to be the Mother of Jesus Christ.  She looks over us as any mother would for her children.  When people see these beautiful images, we want them to first have pride in their country, and second, to have pride in their devotion to Mary. 

I am amazed that many people come to me and asked why they don’t see the image of Mary from their country.  I tell them if they have such an image, then send it to me so I can have a banner made for them.  But they take such pride in their own national devotion to Mary, that they really get upset if they don’t see their image in procession. I guess people want Mary’s attention, and they want to show her that they love her just as much (if not more!) than other countries. 

Can you share some stories and experiences from One World One Mother?

Adele Bruschi: We did have some amazing stories. We usually have cops there to stop traffic and three loud speakers for everyone to hear.  For some reason, this time we had no police and only one loud speaker, plus cloudy skies -- a recipe for pandemonium.   But that day, our Blessed Mother took over the role of the police, loud speaker and weather.  We had two volunteers who stopped the cars at the intersections.  Surprisingly, the cars waited patiently, for the most part, while our volunteers passed our prayer cards to the people in those cars.  Despite the fact we had only one working loud speaker, everyone managed to hear Brother Patrick as he lead the procession.  We all managed to stay together and pray together.  The rain -- well it just never fell during the procession.

Also, I met a woman with tears in her eyes when we returned from the procession.  She told me that she found a “One World One
Bruschi Family
Sonali, Adele, Pia, and Mario Bruschi in the Holy Land
Mother” card on the floor of her parish.  She had been going through a difficult time and when she saw this card, she felt the Blessed Mother was calling her to come to the event.  She was incredibly moved by the procession through Times Square and the way everything went smoothly despite the fact that we had no police to guide us and only one working speaker.  She said the experience changed her life and gave her peace.

Another story comes from one of our banner carriers, who just happened to volunteer through his parish group.  He had no idea what to expect, and was nearly speechless as we made our way through Times Square.  He told me he could not wait to get back to his youth group and show them photos of us in the procession.  He promised to bring a group of 20 next year.

One guy yelled out during the procession, “Man, you guys are serious!”  Another tourist kept following our procession taking photos.  Many people took the cards that our volunteers were passing out, read them and followed us to Times Square.  Once in Times Square, many tourists came and took photos and recited the rosary with us. Many made the sign of the cross as we passed.

In fact, all the banner carriers came back with their own stories to tell.  Two of them were carrying banners in honor of their mothers who recently died.  One carried it in honor of his wife who passed away.  Others came with their own crosses in their lives and felt that carrying a banner of Our Lady was like having her help them carry their crosses. 

Overall, the dichotomy of seeing the images of Mary marching through the secularism of Times Square with song and prayer was a miracle in itself.  For some reason, this year seemed more special than last year due to the sheer miracle of how everything fell into place through the intercession of Our Lady.



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