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North American Territory issues financial report
Positive picture compared to 18 months ago

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The North American Territory’s has published its financial report for 2012.  In a letter sending the report to Legionaries and consecrated members of Regnum Christi, the territory’s directors wrote:

As you are all well aware, one of the primary objectives we have had in the territory is to improve our financial situation and to communicate that situation better both to our members and also to our supporters. We are seeking greater transparency and clarity in this regard. Part of that effort has been the periodic updates we have given at territorial gatherings or through visits the territorial staff have made to the local teams and communities. We also hope to send out another update on the progress we have made against the Mission Action Plan which we published in 2011.

Today we would like to show you another step we are taking toward this improved transparency. The attached PDF is a report on the operational and financial state of the Legion and Regnum Christi in North America as of December 31, 2012. It highlights the steps we’ve taken to improve our financial situation and ensure long-term financial and operational health.

You will notice the report is divided under three headings: restructuring, reinforcing and regionalizing. It explains the efforts we’ve made to restructure our debts and streamline our operations; the steps we’ve made to reinforce sound financial and operational practices; and the endeavors we have undertaken to regionalize our operations and allow for the necessary autonomy of local communities and apostolates.

We would dare say that this report shows a very positive picture when compared to the state of the Legion and the Movement just 18 months ago. There is so much good news to tell. But we hope you will see this report not only as some kind of positive marketing piece, but rather as a real testament to all the hard work that you have done to improve the Legion and the Movement’s situation. Without the collaboration of every Legionary, Consecrated and lay member, we would not have such good news to share. We are certainly not out of the woods, but the trend is upward.



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