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What God is Doing with Regnum Christi
Kerrie Rivard discusses the process of working toward a general statute for the Regnum Christi movement

Kerrie Rivard
Kerrie Rivard, National Assistant for Adult Programs for Regnum Christi

“The Cardinal repeated numerous times that we truly are a ´Spiritual Family.´ This is a beautiful image for what God is doing in Regnum Christi.”

These are the words of Kerrie Rivard, National Assistant for Adult Programs for Regnum Christi.  Rivard was a member of the commission elected to represent the first and second degree members of the RC movement in the recent meetings in Rome with Legion of Christ Pontifical Delegate Cardinal Velasio dePaolis, as well as the governing councils of the Legionaries of Christ, and the Consecrated Women, overseen by Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, and the Consecrated Men oversee by Fr. Agostino Montan.

Kerrie called the discussions that took place during these meetings “open, honest, respectful and constructive.”

“The meetings were an opportunity for free and sincere dialogue among the branches of our spiritual family about what we value in each other, what we give to each other, how we work together, and about problems and fears as well,” she said. “It was also a time for us as lay members to present to the others, and to the Cardinal, our lived reality on the ground, in our section life and in our evangelizing mission.

“The sense of family and mutual esteem was very strong,” she said.  “Even more strong was the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in this process.” 

During the meetings, the representatives considered what unites Regnum Christi as a “Spiritual Family,” she explained.  “It is clear to all of us, and to the Pontifical delegate, that all four branches (Legionaries, consecrated men and women, and first/second degree) are participating members in this charism which is being clarified and defined, and in the mission entrusted to us through the call we have received individually, and as a spiritual family.”

This awareness of the movement as family will become the basis for the specifics in the general statute and will give juridical governance to all four branches, said Kerrie.  She said the statue will define what unifies the members, as well as define each group’s diversity within the whole through “particular” constitutions and statutes.
Representatives are continuing working to produce a draft of the RC statutes for the first and second degree, and their goal is to share it with the rest of the movement members for dialogue in early fall. 

“Please continue to pray for this renewal God is leading us through!” she said.



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