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In the News
Legionary priest and Houston RC women featured in CNN news spot on Pope Francis

CNN news clip
Karla Escorcia of Regnum Christi Houston is interviewed while RC consecrated woman Kate O’Connor listens.

Pope Francis has been getting quite a bit of news coverage, especially since his trip to Brazil for World Youth Day.  Some of that coverage featured one of our own Legionary priests and some of the Regnum Christi women from Houston, Texas.

Click here to see the video news clip broadcast on Tuesday, July 29, 2013, by CNN.  At about 34 seconds into the broadcast, Karla Escorcia, Director of the Houston RC Women’s Section, is interviewed, with RC consecrated woman Kate O’Connor at her side. 

At approximately 1 minute 30 seconds into the broadcast, Fr. Eamonn Shelly LC gives his impressions of Pope Francis.

Just remember, Houston folks, we knew you when!



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