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The One Thing Needed
The story of Martha and Mary is the subject of the new Retreat Guide from, available August 7, 2013

Martha and Mary

"The One Thing Needed" is the subject of the meditation in this month’s Retreat Guide from  The guide is available August 7, 2013.

One of the most memorable scenes from the Gospel of Luke takes place in Bethany, when Jesus and his Twelve Apostles visit the home of Martha and Mary.  It is a scene all can relate to – the family squabble.

“It’s so real. It’s so typical of us human beings,” said Fr. John Bartunek LC. “And in the midst of such a real, typical situation, Jesus gives us one of his most unforgettable lessons.

“In just a few verses, St. Luke paints a picture that we can all identify with. He shows Martha worried and working hard to entertain the guests and make sure the dinner (and everything) comes out just right. She wants everything to be perfect, and she gets flustered and feels overwhelmed. And then she realizes that her sister Mary is doing absolutely nothing to help! Instead, Mary is sitting calmly in the living room, at the feet of Jesus, drinking in his conversation.

“We can just picture Martha’s indignation and disbelief. She’s had enough! So she marches right into that living room, and without even deigning to acknowledge her sister, she tells Jesus – notice that: She doesn’t ask him nicely, she actually tells him to order her sister to get up and get to work, and in the process, she even chastises the Lord himself!

“The mere fact that Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, shared such mundane experiences is a powerful lesson.  But what he says in response to Martha’s petition, and what it means, can literally transform our lives.”

Check out the introduction video for "The One Thing Needed" here.



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