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Physical Exertion for Higher Causes
Fr. Michael Moriarty LC serves as chaplain for prolife cyclists on cross-country ride, and Fr. Richard Sutter LC competes in half Ironman competition

Biking for Babies cyclists
Biking for Babies cyclists

Two Legionary priests participated in long-distance endurance competitions during the month of July, 2013, one to bring awareness to prolife causes and the other raising funds for his religious community.

Biking for Babies

From July 6 - 14, a group of 15 bicyclists road 1,200 miles from New Orleans to Chicago.  They were joined during the last part of that ride by Fr Michael Moriarty LC, who was invited along as chaplain.  During the final day of the trip, Fr. Michael celebrated Mass for the young people in Champaign, Illinois, and then rode with them 140 miles for the last leg of the eight-day trip.   He also heard confessions, gave spiritual direction and presented Gospel reflections.

According to their press release, Biking for Babies (B4B) was founded by Illinois Urbana-Champaign students Jimmy Becker, 25, and Mike Schaefer, 23, to promote “the dignity of life from conception to natural death by sharing the joy of living through cycling and campaigning for pregnancy centers across America.”  The team also includes students, seminarians and professionals from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, and Wisconsin. 

“It´s awesome to be involved with this cultivation of the culture of life,” said Fr. Michael. “And I’m happy to say the B4B group reached their $50,000 fundraising goal for women´s pregnancy centers! The reason I participated was that I felt called to do cycling, not just for myself -- for my own exercise and enjoyment -- but to do it for our Christ and others. And since the B4B  riders are a solid group of young Catholics with backgrounds in Focus, Regnum Christi and Opus Dei, I saw how much I could help spiritually when they asked me to serve as a their chaplain.  I was personally enriched by their example of piety and devotion on one hand, yet on the other by their overflowing joy and spirit if fearless adventure.” 

After participating with the B4B team, Fr. Michael took some “vacation time” and joined Fr. Richard Sutter LC for a 100-mile bike ride.

“We offered it up for our benefactors and sponsors and prayed for them in a special way with Mass at the end of the ride,” said Fr. Michael.

Fr. Richard Places 12th in His Age Group

A few weeks prior, Fr. Richard completed in the half-Ironman triathlon event (70.3 miles) in Lubbock, Texas.  Of the 470 participants, Fr. Richard finished 82nd overall.  He was 12th out of the 94 competitors in his age group, with a time of 5:04:31.

Fr. Richard was hoping to raise funds for the Atlanta Legionary and Regnum Christi communities.  During the competition, he said he also prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all those who gave him prayer intentions.  He extended a special thanks to the sponsors who made his participation possible -, the Tres Hermanos Foundation, and Health Gate.

"We offered our 100 mile ride and Mass after the ride in thanksgiving to all who supported our events and causes over the summer,” he said. 



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