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Is God the Center of My Life?
Fr. Jason Mitchell LC talks about the Kingdom of God at Colorado RC event

Fr. Jason Mitchell talks with teens
Fr. Jason Mitchell talks with young people at event in Denver, Colorado.

Denver, Colorado -- What is the Kingdom of Christ? Where is it? Who is reigning in you?

These are questions Fr. Jason Mitchell LC addressed during three reflections he presented at a gathering of young people in Colorado last month. On Saturday, July 13, 2013, more than 50 Regnum Christi and Conquest members gathered at the John Paul II Center in Denver to hear Father preach on the Kingdom of God.

“The Kingdom is Jesus himself,” he said. “The Kingdom is within you!”

Fr. Jason discussed the Regnum Christi motto, Thy Kingdom Come (TKC!), and how it embodies the mystery of Christ to which all RC members testify.

“This means that above all we aspire to cooperate with the Church in establishing Christ’s Kingdom and making it a reality in the world,” he said. His Kingdom will come when He is “known, loved and imitated by every person,” Father explained. “It is His gospel of love when it becomes the rule of life in every heart.”

“We left carrying the question in our hearts, ‘Is God the Center of My Life?” said Sue Foster who attended the event.  “Our response should be, ‘Let us be yours, Lord!  Live in us!  This can only come by the way of a listening heart.  The glory of God should be on our lips always!”



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