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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Making a Difference
Regnum Christi and Mission Youth have busy spring and summer of mission work in Haiti, Mexico and Brazil

Fr. Aaron Smith saying Mass in Haiti
Fr. Aaron Smith LC saying Mass while on mission in Haiti.

Regnum Christi and the Mission Youth apostolate had a busy spring and summer, visiting countries including Haiti, Mexico and Brazil (for World Youth Day) with a total of 264 missionaries.

Pope Francis was in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, for World Youth Day this July, and Mission Youth took 64 missionaries to join the millions of young people there to welcome him.

In Haiti, 139 missionaries participated in the humanitarian efforts there, in cooperation with the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.  Here is the breakdown of numbers and dates:
-May 21-28: 40 missionaries from all over the states and Canada
-May 31 –June 8: 18 missionaries from Mount Notre Dame High School in Ohio
-June 17-24: 26 missionaries from Jacksonville FL and Chicago IL
-July 25-August 1: 36 missionaries from all over the United States
-August 2-9: 19 missionaries from the Detroit, MI area

In Mexico, a total of 61 missionaries visited local villages, bringing material donations and spiritual support.  Program details are as follows:
-June 8-16: 28 missionaries from the Chicago
Mission Youth sent 64 missionaries to World Youth Day in Brazil.
Mission Youth sent 64 missionaries to World Youth Day in Brazil.
-June 16-23: 12 missionaries from all over the US
-June 8-30: 21 missionaries from US and Mexico (this was the three-week long Mission Corps program.)

After two months of mission work in Haiti and the Mayan Jungle in Mexico, RC consecrated woman and National Mission Youth Director, Paola Treviño, provided some perspective in her Regnum Christi Live blog on the purpose of these activities:

“Mission Youth was very busy this summer….Aside from being tiring, it can be very daunting and depressing to see so much suffering, abandonment, misery...  And in Mission Youth we are making a difference; we are being part of the solution!  In Mexico we built 3 houses; in Haiti we built benches, tables, a brick wall... but God was also building ‘something’ inside each one of the missionaries of the summer missions... Christ is building our inner house: foundations of faith, hope and love; walls of friendship, prayer and service; cement to ‘hold up’ the walls with the sacraments; paint and nails with works of mercy and details of hidden charity….We are trying to ‘build’ strong young men and women. Strong spiritually and humanly speaking by giving them a deep strong experience of Christ through serving others….We as Mission Youth Missionaries! We are about making someone happy, lifting up their dignity, building something for their future, teaching by example; we are all about being witnesses of Christ´s love for them. We are all
RC consecrated woman Paola Treviño with a friend
RC consecrated woman Paola Treviño with a friend.
about being part of the difference.”



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