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Deepening the Faith in Canada
Girls summer camps held in Quebec and Ontario

On a sailboat

This summer girls in Quebec and Ontario, Canada, had the opportunity to encounter Christ and to deepen their faith through Camp Alizé. 

Two week-long camps (for girls ages 10-16) were designed around the theme “You’ve Got a Message.”  

“The girls were challenged to discover the most profound messages they hold within themselves --those they have received from a God who loves them passionately – and to transmit this Gospel message with their very lives,” said Melanie Pilon, one of the Regnum Christi consecrated women in Montreal who ran the camps.

The camp was offered in the French language from July 7-13, 2013, in Quebec at the scenic lakeside property of the “P’tit Bonheur” near Mont Tremblant.    The camp was also offered from Aug 3-9, 2013, in English on a riverside property
Camp Alizé
The girls of Camp Alizé
called Providence Point, in Lanark, Ontario. 

Participants experienced outdoor adventure “as well as an interior journey with God,” said Melanie.  Camp activities included paddle-boarding, kayaking, sail-boating, swimming, archery, rallies, dancing, bonfire, sharing, songs, formation, morning and night prayers, daily Mass and much more.  In the English camp, the girls also formed a youth choir and brought their vocal and musical talents to the Masses at their local parishes.  In both camps, several girls made or renewed their pledge of friendship with Jesus.

The consecrated women also organized day camps for younger children at two Montreal parishes where the consecrated serve as catechists and coordinators of youth and family activities.  The theme of both camps was “Getting to know Jesus.”  Each
Little ones praying
day the children went on a virtual tour of one of the cities where Jesus walked.  They learned about Him through skits, played outdoor games and sports, made crafts connected to the theme, and discovered new churches and “secret corners” of their own parishes.  

“I think seeing the children play and pray together brought hope and joy to the pastors and parishioners,” said Melanie.



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