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General membership survey shows progress
Areas for renewal consistent with earlier analysis

General Membership Survey

Results from the Regnum Christi general membership survey conducted early this summer are consistent with the survey taken in 2011.  More than 700 Legionaries, consecrated and lay members completed this year’s form, about half the number from two years ago.

As in the earlier survey, members continue to raise a desire for greater transparency in how we operate and a clearer view of the Movement’s overall mission. Both issues are being addressed in our renewal process.

Two years ago, many respondents expressed a desire that Regnum Christi put greater emphasis on working within the local Church, particularly in parishes.  The 2013 survey indicates that we have made much progress in this area.

At the same time, respondents identified weakness in our willingness to invite new people to the Movement, indicating there are some members still awaiting the results of the various assemblies later this fall and the Legion’s General Chapter to be held early in 2014.  The majority of those surveyed are positive about inviting new members to the Movement.

The survey results show that we tend to work with the people God puts in our path, not any particular category or social strata of people  And our members see those most attracted to the Movement as “people who want to learn more about their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ.”

On an encouraging note, the survey results show that our members are strongly in agreement with strengths we recognize in our Mission Action Play:  providing spiritual guidance and the ability to form apostles.



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