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Motto Motivation
Fr. John Bartunek LC analyzes the calling of the first apostles, and all Christians, in the newest Retreat Guide from

The call of Simon Peter

How does someone get motivated and excited to take up his or her calling as a follower of Jesus Christ?  This answer to this question could be just a retreat away – a mini-retreat online, that is!

“The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles” is now available at

“When a priest is named a bishop, he always chooses a motto to serve as a guide along the difficult path of his mission,” said Fr. John Bartunek LC, who leads the RCSpirituality online retreats. “A good motto is a rallying cry that motivates, focuses, and energizes.

“We all have a mission, and we all have tough stretches along the path of life. Why not choose a motto for your Christian journey?”

This month’s Retreat Guide is based on the three essential elements that Jesus reveals in the Gospel passage:

  • The first element is prayer – the first meditation.
  • The second element is fellowship – the second meditation.
  • And the third element is apostolate, or apostolic action – the conference.

“To pray, to love, to give,” said Fr. John. “Not bad for a motto.”

As always, this Retreat Guide can be watched, listened to, or read – whichever format best inspires.  Check it out now at or on Vimeo.



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