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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Visiting Cheshire
Students from Sacred Heart Apostolic School pay a visit to the Legion of Christ seminarians in Connecticut

With Fr. Alvaro
With Fr. Álvaro Corcuera LC

Following is a testimony from John Sester, a Minnesota native who is a senior at Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, Indiana.

On September 13th the students of Sacred Heart Apostolic School packed up their busses, and a box truck full of luggage to start the fourteen-hour-long ride to the Legionaries’ novitiate in Cheshire, Connecticut. The ride was long, but, as most road trips, a lot of fun. We sang, we slept, we played card games, and we watched some documentaries. Fr. Joseph Fazio LC even gave us his priestly memoirs, and, of course, the dog being in the bus with us made things…interesting.

We arrived late at night, around 10:00 pm. Fr. Daren Weisbrod LC waited up for us, and showed us where to put our bags. They had a nice dinner set up for us when we got there. It was a great testimony of the charity at Cheshire – a hot meal ready for us at ten o’clock!?  The brothers there went to great measures to make sure we were all comfortable during our stay there.

The next morning we had morning prayers and headed to breakfast when we were met by Fr. Álvaro Corcuera LC at the dining room door.  We were edified that, even in his illness, he is still such an example of joy, simplicity, humility, and complete generosity.  He spent time to greet each and every one of us as if there was no one else in the world.  His joy and peace are contagious.

We were
Receiving their cassocks
Sacred Heart students got to witness seminarians receiving their cassocks.
blessed to witness the seminarians receiving their cassocks on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It was good for us to see where the next step in our vocations might take us.  We were impressed by the step of total self-giving that these men were taking, and we hope that, if that is our path, we might have the generosity and conviction that they have.

We offered to serve dinner for the novices on their feast day, Our Lady of Sorrows (the patroness of the Legion of Christ). The brothers said that they were impressed with our service (but I’m sure they could have done much better than we did!)

All in all it was a great visit, and we were impressed by the holiness, and service of the seminarians. The attitude of charity and generosity is amazing. There is so much love for Christ within those walls. If that is the next place that God will lead us to through our vocations, then it is a great atmosphere, and a place where God truly dwells.



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